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Kids Ablaze operates during the morning Sunday service. Children go in to church for the first part of the morning service and are included in kids talks, singing and celebrating with the wider church family. They then go out to Kids Ablaze separating into different age groups


Creche for Children under 3.


Carers play and interact with the children doing everything from play-do to sticker sheets.

Pre-school - Kinder

Whilst there is still play, the sparklers also have a bible story and perhaps even songs to support the session

Year 1 - Year 4

Like Sparklers, but with more indepth stories and activites


Year 5 - Year 6


A more focused bible study with the students including related activities

Year 7 - Year 12 

Like Fireworks, but with even more discussion and a focus on supporting the students to form their own view points and theology. Often focused on current moral issues.

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